Aap Ka Khwab Aur Un Ki Tabeer

Aap Ka Khwab Aur Un Ki Tabeer

Aap Ka Khwab Aur Un Ki Tabeer , ” Khawb ki Tabeer or revelation of dreams is the most fact full and universal thing that has been regarded as a complete discipline. There are different believes and views about dreams by different people and different religions in the whole world. aap ka khwab aur un ki tabeer, What are the dreams? Khawb kya hain? Is a question that arises here? Dream is that condition of the human brain, which involves a series of changes in its functioning and its activities regarding the senses of feeling, analyzing, and observing things in an unconscious manner. In the religions, the dreams have been regarded as a major phenomenon which plays key role in predicting the future.

Dreams, Khawb is in fact a great challenging phenomena that has been under research by the scientists and researchers. Different theories are proposed in different scientific disciplines like psychology and medical sciences. In medical science, Brain is the center of all the activities of life in the humans. The different tasks are controlled by its messages, which move in the body as electrical signals. Therefore, the medical scientist believes that the dream is a collective, analyzed, multi tasked activity of the brain and its parts, which is performed while sleeping. Psychology, which is the science of the mental function and human behavior, has explained dreams as a perception of human behavior raised in human brain while sleeping. It involves feelings and emotions.

Khwabon ki tabeer:

In Islam Khawb ki Tabeer, revelation of dreams has been clearly explained in the Holy Quran and Hadith. The dreams and its revelations have been regarded as a mixture of haphazard thoughts about different opportunities, problems and blessings coming in the near future. In Islam khwabon ki tabeer in urdu has been a source of Revelation of the messages from ALLAH to its beloved prophets. ALLAH blessed Hazrat Yusuf by the miracle of explaining the true and accurate knowledge of dreams. Hazrat Ibrahim was ordered to sacrifice his beloved son Hazrat Ismail through a dream.

Different important messages have also been delivered as a dream revelation to beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W including, Shahdat of Hazrat Imam Husain, conquer of Makkah and blessings on the Muslim ummah.
Muslim ummah. Khawb ki Tabeer is a great source of inspiration among the different classes and people of the society. As explained by a thinker, All Great men who have great things have Great dreams. For a student the dreams means success in future and for a poet a dream means to enlighten and broaden his vision. Similarly, no one in this world has been left without dreams as said by Shakespeare. Life is full of colors and the colors are your dreams.

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