Sifli Ilm Ka Ilaj ( Tor )

Sifli Ilm Ka Ilaj ( Tor )

Sifli Ilm Ka Ilaj , ” Sifli amal is used for both conditions for intentionally bad deeds or for good deeds, If you will use it for right and real problems definitely you can get authentic and quick solution with the help of Sifli ilm. Sifli ilm is the world of magic, it solves the issues with the help of magic. Sifli ilm have many useful, authentic and fast way to solve the issues in your life. Sifli Ilm Ka Ilaj ( Tor ), If you are using it for positive purposes, it’s so powerful and useful for you, but if you have any negative thoughts and purpose in your mind Sifli ilm may be harmful for you. Sifli ilm ka tor, Sifli ilm is a nice problem solving technique when you have any issues in your life.

Sifli Ilm Ka Tor:

The people who have deep and real knowledge of Sifli ilm they can break the effect of Sifli ilm, this effect may be negative energies or devil things from you. The specialists can break the devil effect of Sifli ilm easily and quickly. Mostly Sifli ilm is used to cast magic on anyone. But the specialist has all solutions, they will give you solutions accord to your problems.

Sifli ilm ka ilaj:

Agar koi shaks ilm mein mobtala ho ya kisi amil ne batya ho ka us par sifli ilm kiya hai. Sifli ilm ka ilaj, Ya khowab mein farishta ya hamzad me bataya ho ki tum par sifli ilm kuya ho ian garaz yeh hain ka kisi per silfly ilm kiya hain ho to mein is ka quran pak se tor bata deta ho wo ye kareen ye amal sirf muslim ka liya hain. Non muslim ko is ki ijazat nhi hain. Wo is amal ko na kare.

Sifli ilm karne ka tarika, Sab se pehle 3 martba darood us ka baad surah yaseen ki ye aayat verse no 8 to 9 41 martba ye aayat pareen phir akhir mein 3 martba darood pareen jo ata ho us ka baad apna hoto par dam kar ke pura baden par pher le insha allah 11 din mein chutkara mil jayega. Is amal se kohi nooksan nhi hain. Bas apko molana ji ki izazat leni jaruri hain.



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