Wazifa For Early Marriage After Engagement

Wazifa For Early Marriage After Engagement

Wazifa For Early Marriage After Engagement, “Every Girl wants to marry a special person. There are many factors which make a love marriage successful. Wazifa for early marriage after engagement, If you want to perform this Wazifa for someone you love, in order to marry him/her. You can do this:

1. Make a fresh.
2. Get 1000 food grains of wheat.
3. Read 1000 times ‘ya Ra’hmaan Kul Shay i’n Wa Ra’hmaah’.
4. While reading this, please assume your admired.
5. Then put these grains in a clean bowl.
6. Add some water in it, do not add in larger quantity.
7. Wash out this clay pot in a gentler method.;
8. Then pitch this clay pot into a pond or river with respect.
9. Do this task for at least a week.
Insha ALLAH your desire of love will be fulfilled soon.
Wazifa For Broken Engagement

When it was formaled, declared in our Family, then we had a problem in our relation, misunderstanding occurs, no love, no care, no feelings. Wazifa for early marriage after engagement, The boy & Girl who are facing many problems read ‘Darood-e-Taaj Sharif’ for 33 times & after that
A blow in one a glass of water & drink the water and then to dua for solving all the problems.
First of all after every Salah start reading ‘Ya vahhabo’ 46 times. It is a name of Allah Darood /Salawat 11 times before and after.
Then at midnight take a bath after that go outside where there is nothing on the top of your head. No cap & no Scarf.

Wazifa For Engagement

After the Salah while sitting down & read ‘Ya vahhabo’ 1042 times.
When you have read it 300 times, get up and do a dua. Then sit down and start reading. When you reach for 700, again get up and do a dua.
Then sit down again. Read this for three nights only. If you don’t get what you want , you can do it again. You can read this wazifa maximum three times.

Insallah what ever you want will happen in 3 nights. This Wazifa is one of the most powerful wazifas.
Wazifa For Getting Engaged Soon

Marriage Wazifa for every single one who is need to marry a girl. Some girls have problems in getting married due to some bandish because of the bad eye, jealousy, or magic effects. The girls who are suffering from such type of problems , They needs:

Darood/Salavat 11 times
319 times Ayet of Surah Al Imran.
Do not read them singly 319 times but read all 3 Ayets as one Ayet.
Darood/Salavat 11 times
Then o da dua like this ‘Ya Allah I want to marry some one of your choice who is suitable for me’.
Wazifa for early marriage after engagement

Everyone desires to have a perfect partner. It is not very difficult to get married, nor is it hard to find a partner.If you are honestly attention seeking to settle, have a good job and live happily there is a solution to your problem. The beauty of the Quran is in its simplicity. It works each time anyone. This is also be done by anyone for anyone.

Every day at a fixed time and fixed place read:

Darood/Salavat 11 times.
Surah Rehman 3 times daily
Darood/Salavat 11 times.

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