Wazifa For Relationship

Wazifa For Relationship

Wazifa For Relationship , ” It is said that wazifa is the weapon of a believer. Instead of hunting for the solutions here and there, turn to the almighty. Wazifa for relationship, the god is the savior of all. When he sends us on this earth, he also bestows us with loving relationships.

The relationships in our life matter the most to us. There are many unfortunate people who lose the essence of love in their relationships and end up in break ups. When you grow apart from your mate, your life seems to be going into the darkness.

Wazifa for relationship problems

Are you exhausted of trying new ways & tactics to save your relationship? Do you feel there is nothing to look forward to? Then look above to Allah and ask your wishes from him. Wazifa is something which can even make impossible things possible. If you pray with full faith, the hurdles in  your relationship will vanish eventually. Nobody knows what the destiny has in store. But a wazifa of a believer can even change his destiny.

Recite the Surah yasin for 7 times. Each time blow through the palm of your right hand and also over 7 almonds each. Give these almonds to your mate and tell him/her to have them all.
Chant “Bismillahirrahimannirhami” for 786 times over a glass of pure water. Give this water to your mate to drink.
Recite the surah-an-nisa for 7 times in a day.
Recite Surah-al-quraysh on the roses. Both of the husband and the wife should smell those roses.
Chant Al Wadoodu for 1000 times. Each time blow it through your right hand palm. Also blow it over some sweat eatables. Both the husband and the wife shall eat it to see the results.
Recite the Surhah al muzzammil for 41 times. Each time blow it through your right hand palm& also on any sweet eatable. Offer this sweet to your mate.
Recite the below mentioned dua for 3 times. Blow it over your right hand palm and on a glass of pure water. Make your spouse drink this water. This dua is the verse 31 of the Aali Imran. It is as follows:

“Qulin kuntumtuh’ibboonallaahafattabi=o’oneeyuh’bibkumullaahuwayaghfirlakumd’unoobakumwallaahughafoorurrah’eem”

Recite the following verse and blow it over some sweet eatable. The both the husband and the wife shall eat this eatable for a period of 7 days.

“(Faqaala) InneeAh’babtuh’ubbalkhayria’nd’krirabbeeh’attatawaaratbilh’jaab”


Dua For Relationship Problems

Every couple wants to have an everlasting and loving relationship with each other. But often due to some trust issues or the changes in the behavior, a relationships loses its true essence. Dua for relationship problems, The dispute between a husband and a wife is not something rare. It is very common but can be equally tough to eliminate. But dua is a master key for every lock in your life. A dua can make tough things easy. There are various dua for matrimonial relationship to regain love in your relationship.

To refill the lost zeal and energy in your relationship, learn a dua for good relationship with husband.

The dua is as follows;

“ Alahmdiulila He trabilAla Min ArRaahmannir Rahim Male KeYomiddinIyaka Na abodoWaIyakanastainEhdeNasSearatalMustaqi,mSearatalLajina An Amta Alia Him Gairi;lMghzobe Alai him WalaZallinm. Ameen.”

If you can memorize the above surah, recite it for 100 times after the namaz-e-hazat. This nazma is a 2 rakatnamaz. It will surely grant your desire wish and prayers.

Hope you will soon bear the fruits of your dua. Remember to recite every dua with concentration and faith in allah. Then only you will get the desired results.

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