Wazifa to stop fighting between husband and wife

Wazifa to stop fighting between husband and wife

Wazifa to stop fighting between husband and wife , ” The institution of marriage stands on 4 pillars viz. trust, honesty, love and compatibility. According to notions of Islam, marriage can be a pure ground for building a long and eternal relationship between a man and a woman. Dua or Wazifa to stop fighting between husband and wife. This relationship continues to exemplify the love and happiness in their lives and is eternal and everlasting, it continues in heavens as well, For relief a kind of problem meet our molana ji.

But, this is not as smooth and glorious as it sounds. The journey of two people, two lives, and two souls is not a creamy walk; rather it is uneven and rocky. The path to jannah involves encounters with many hurdles and quarrels. A few of these can be huge enough to break your relationship and hamper your journey and block your path. Post marriage problems may range from lack of trust, love, compatibility to financial and family problems. These kinds of problem have occur in your marriage life then do not worry only meet our molana ji.

However, as the saying goes, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ every problem has a solution. The almighty has given us a weapon against every adversary and the weapon is dua or supplication. Dua is for every adversary, every pain, every problem, every hurdle, and every hindrance.

Dua To Resolve Fight Between Husband And Wife:

If your husband never like to discuss you anything or any matter going to be happening in their life. Often some couples complain that their husband or wives seems to not interested in him or her anymore, slowly love between both of you takes the shape of anger, small conflicts, neglecting each other and various issues generate in a couple relation. Dua to resolve fight between husband and wife So, if you wanted to flourish fragrance of love or compassion in your married life than without delay than use our powerful Islamic Dua to improve love between a couple and enhance love in your monotonous married life.

Dua to improve love and Stop fighting in Husband Wife:

Many people try to establish a good relations with their partner but sometimes when they are going to do something better but instead of that they can unknowingly impaired relationship. Dua to bring husband and wife closer is a prominent prayers can promote harmony and peace in your relationship. Dua to improve love and stop fighting in husband. Dua are form of blessings which can bring considerable opportunities in life of chanter or performer. If you pray to Allah with pure heart feelings or devotions than surely it will be listen by the mighty one Allah. So now a bitterness is your married relationship no more exists for a long time thus a love occupied that place and you feel closer or intimate with your spouse as before.

Dua to keep love between husband wife:

  1. If you want to inculcate love between you and your spouse, then recite Surah Yaseen seven times. After reciting it every single time blow on seven almonds through your right palm. Give these to your spouse to eat in one go.
  2.  You can also recite “BISMIL LAHIR RAHMAN IR RAHEEM” a total of 786 times. Blow on a clean glass of water and make your spouse drink it.
  3. Reciting Surah al Jumu-ah every Friday also helps in removing friction and misunderstanding between husband and wife and inculcate love and harmony.
  4. You may also recite Surah Quraysh, blow on some roses and smell it with your spouse.
  5. You may also recite “Al Wadoodo” a thousand times or “Al Maaniu” as much as you can.
  6. Recite Surah Muzammil 41 times and blow on some eatables (sweet). Give those to your husband/wife to eat.
  7. If your husband is not pleased with you, recite the following verse of Surah al Barah and blow on any eatable. Give it to your husband to it. You will get desired results.

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